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Bike Odyssey 2019

Chris Makrygiannis

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#394215 24 iulie 2018 la 14:22

In June 15-23 the Bike Odyssey 2019!!!

The prologue returns for the first day of the race!

Preparations for next year's Bike Odyssey have already begun and the organization of the race is already working hard for 2019. Therefore, the date of Bike Odyssey 2019 has been set for June 15-23!

A change compared to the previous year is to be added by resetting a prologue for the first day of the race. The prologue will be a small team time-trial (approximately 6-7 km), consisting of technical dirt paths and small scenic alleys of the local settlement where it will take place.

In this way, having in mind a purely festive note, the organization of the race will welcome and present the participants and those who choose to attend the race for this great celebration of cycling and sports in general that Bike Odyssey is!!

As we can see, preparations for conducting the Bike Odyssey 2019 are already in progress and we are all looking forward to the upcoming and upgraded version of this special cycling event!

Here you can check out the latest video of the final etape of the race


Chris Makrygiannis

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#395610 30 septembrie 2018 la 16:31

24 hours left for the opening of registrations for Bike Odyssey 2019!!

A few hours are left for the opening of registrations for Bike Odyssey 2019!! The biggest cycling event in Greece and one of the toughest cycling races in the world is preparing to open its doors for the 2019 event, with new participants flocking to participate in order to experience a most unique cycling experience.

As posted on the website of the event, the first three to apply will take advantage of the yellow offer, while the next three will take advantage of the green offer, providing another reason for the friends of Bike Odyssey to be ready in front of their screens to register as soon as the start of the opening of registrations is given.

With the seventh run of Bike Odyssey in progress, the opening of registrations just hours ahead and the memories of Bike Odyssey 2018 still pretty fresh, we cannot help but looking forward to the next start of the race. For more information, you may visit the website of the event on bikeodyssey.gr.

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Chris Makrygiannis

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#396544 7 noiembrie 2018 la 23:11

Bike Odyssey: No1 in the World!

It is true!!! Bike Odyssey is now officially part of the calendar of races of the World Cycling Federation. The biggest and most difficult Mountain Bike race in Greece, and one of the toughest races in the world, is now an official UCI race as a natural result of its uniqueness, the experience that only it can offer and its popularity in cycling and sporting community around the world.

By being part of the official UCI calendar, Bike Odyssey achieved something even more important: It did not just become more prestigious, but, as of now, it is the race with the most stages and hence the biggest Mountain Bike race in the world, as there is no other nine - days cycling event in its category, making at the same time the country itself a bigger name on the world sports map. This way the Men's Elite who will take part in the race will participate not only in a most unique event but in the biggest MTB race in the world, while the participants of the OPEN categories will have the opportunity to compete against athletes of the highest level, gaining an even greater experience!!

The event is now getting even more interesting, with the standards of the event raising, with the race winning a unique position in the cycling community and the preparations for June 2019 being already in progress!

Chris Makrygiannis

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#396965 27 noiembrie 2018 la 21:16

Pindus: a name with a rich history

One of the elements that make Bike Odyssey such a special and fascinating event is its location. The mountain range of Pindus is one amazingly beautiful place and an extremely difficult terrain at the same time, which, combined with the particularities of the race forms the perfect setting for a modern cycling Odyssey.

Pindus, same as any place in Greece, has a rich tradition and history, with plenty of mythological references linked to its name. Of particular interest are two mythological traditions regarding the largest mountain range in Greece.

The story of the two brothers

An ancient king had two sons. When the passed away, the eldest son and legitimate successor resigned from his right to the throne and decided to move to the mountains to live a peaceful life.

In the mountains he met a dragon with whom, he became close friends.

The throne ended up with the youngest brother. However the new king, fearing that the older brother will return at some point to reclaim the throne, decided to gather an army in order to find and exterminate his brother.

The king chased with passion and eventually managed to exterminat his older brother. What he had not taken into account was the dragon, who soon after discovered the body of his murdered friend.

The dragon was outraged, and soon he began to attack with fury against the king and his forces, and he did not stop until none had been left alive, neither the king nor any of his soldiers.

The legend says that the name of the older brother was Pindus and the mountains that he chose to live were named after him.

The dragons of Tymphis and Smolikas

According to another legend a dragon lived in the mountain range of Tymphis, who had an alpine lake for his home. But he also had an opponent, a dragon in the opposite of Smolikas, also who lived in his own lake. The two dragons hated each other deeply and tried to exterminate one another at every opportunity. Legend has it that the two dragons throw stones and trunks to each other, from one top to the other, until one of them manages to exterminate his hateful enemy.

Chris Makrygiannis

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#398761 19 martie la 12:48

UCI 4-Days North & UCI 4-Days South Bike Odyssey 2019
Any professional athlete could take part either in one or IN BOTH OF THEM, gaining that way DOUBLE THE POINTS - BENEFIT!!

Chris Makrygiannis

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#401515 12 iulie la 15:41

All the videos of 9 DAYS cross country cycling around the mountain Pindos of Greece!

Bike Odyssey 2019 Prologue Stage 0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASOWVzy_1sc

Bike Odyssey 2019 Stage 1 Smixi - Kallirroi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWFGhw8OieA&t=1s

Bike Odyssey 2019 Stage 2 Kallirroi - Pyli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Wk--H1373w

Bike Odyssey 2019 Stage 3 Pyli - Kalyvia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd681HQcL-I

Bike Odyssey 2019 Stage 4 Kalyvia - Krikello https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBTBU6fHjBY

Bike Odyssey 2019 Stage 5 Krikello https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cX3i-NLpWA&t=90s

Bike Odyssey 2019 Stage 6 Krikello - Athanasios Diakos

Bike Odyssey 2019 Stage 7 Athanasios Diakos - Kato Tithorea

Bike Odyssey 2019 Stage 8 Kato Tithorea

For more information visit the website https://bikeodyssey.gr/en/

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