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MTBevent The Dacian`s Wolfs Muscel Trophy LupiiDacilor 2019 / pain, struggle & crush

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FULL RECORD OF THE RACE on The Standard Route (29 KM) The Dacian`s Wolfs - Muscel Trophy 2019 (en) / Lupii Dacilor - Trofeul Muscelului 2019 (ro) Please check below the Epic Moments of the race ///Mast Seen /// *For viewer from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia, unfortunately Youtube partially blocked viewer from these country. We recommend using a free VPN service like https://protonvpn.com/free-vpn or what ever you want. * * * If you are on the look for new heights to conquer then you must direct your steps and your wheels to Campulung! The 7th edition of the Lupii Dacilor-Trofeul Muscelului cycling event, conceived by Razvan Juganaru, opens the gates to a superb natural setting, alongside breathtaking courses, figuratively and literally speaking, ready to take you up to one of the highest points reached in Riders Club. * * * The effort to pursue the winding trails of the Iezer-Papusa mountain ridge through steep ramps and alert descends will offer as reward its weight in dreamlike landscapes, spectacular trails and cool forests. There is no doubt that the invitation of Lupii Dacilor-Trofeul Muscelului is not one to be missed; it will offer one experience that you must live if you declare yourself an MTB enthusiast. ( Moore info - https://www.ridersclub.ro/en/cycling-... Epic moments of the race ///Mast Seen /// : 0:00:01 Presentation of the Wolfs/riders, animated course map of the race and The Beginning... 0:40:43 Finish the big climbing of the standard route and beginning the long downhill (Rider Flying on the rock :) - Canyon Spectral al 6.0 0:46:06 Breaking the flying on the flat road by a Flat tire 1:30:32 Crossing thru water 1:31:24 Crossing river on tight wood bridge 1:46:10 Downhill in force 1:47:54 Crush & Pain !!! 1:48:54 Last difficult climbing 15%-24% 1:58:06 Race to the FINISH ! ACTION CAM RECORD by: Rider: Răzvan SAVA on MTB CANYON SPECTRAL AL.60 27.5er Rider: Emil ARMULESCU on MTB BIANCHI 29er Rider: Dorian Theodor (DTH BIKING) on MTB FOCUS XS FIGHTER 29er

yahoo Trimite prin Yahoo! Messenger DorianTheodor DTH BIKING
27 august 2019 la 09:19

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